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6 Worst Things for Thinning Hair

No one ever wants to hear the word “thin” to describe hair. However, thinning hair is a common problem that affects many people. It can happen for various reasons and in serious cases, is irreversible. In milder cases, certain lifestyle changes can help restore locks back to a healthy fullness. But regardless of why your hair is thinning, there are certain things you should avoid. Below we have listed the six worst things for thinning hair.

Severe Dieting

When robbed of proper nutrients, our bodies will focus all its spare energy into fueling important functions, like helping the brain and heart run. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t consider hair to be essential to survival, and so it will deplete it of the necessary proteins and nutrients that help it grow. If weight loss is a goal, it’s important to research different options or talk to your doctor instead of resorting to extreme dieting.

Not Washing Your Hair Enough

There is a lot of advice suggesting it’s best to wash your hair as little as possible, but this rule only applies if you have a full head of thick hair. When your hair is thinning, you actually need to wash it more. Oils on the scalp are great for hair health, but too much will weigh your strands down. Clarifying shampoos tend to strip away too much essential oil, so try to find one that is designed for volume and use a clarifying conditioner instead.

Hot Showers

Hot water is dehydrating and regularly showering with hot water will continually strip your hair of oil. When hair is thin, or thinning, you want to keep some essential oils on the scalp for lubrication, so your hair stays soft and subtle. If hot showers are a must, try washing your hair with warm water before turning the heat up.

Towel Drying

When hair is wet, the outer cuticle is swollen with liquid and very susceptible to breaking. Aggressive towel drying after a shower weakens fine strands, which leads to more damage. Additionally, brushing soaking wet hair also causes it to break. Ideally, you will want to brush your hair before you step into the shower and spot dry it with a towel afterward.

Hot Styling Tools

Without proper protection, curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers can cause unnecessary breakage. If your daily routine involves applying high heat levels to your hair, invest in a hair protector. This can help save your hair from becoming damaged, and give you lots of extra shine.

Using Strong Hold Hair Products

Products that claim they can hold your style all day are terrible for thinning hair. These products contain high levels of alcohol and therefore dehydrate your strands. This results in high levels of breaking and splitting, which makes your hair look even thinner. If styling products are a must, look for styling creams. They will help retain moisture.

If you are suffering from hair loss and believe it’s time to explore a more permanent solution, Dr. Marvel and the Nashville Hair Clinic team would love to help you explore your options and find a solution that works for you. Call 615-329-3900 to book a consultation today and our expert staff will help assess your needs and develop a plan to give you the most natural looking results!


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