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In the United States over 100 million men and women suffer from some kind of hair loss; in our city, this is no exception; thousands of Tennesseans are part of this ever-growing list. When you are losing your hair, there are few places where you can go and find professional help for your hair loss situation.


Dr. Marvel, a prominent cosmetic surgeon who has been serving Nashville for more than 30 years, put together a team of hair restoration experts and created Nashville Hair Clinic, an institute dedicated to find the best medical and surgical treatments for the kind of hair loss you are suffering from.


If a hair transplant is your best option, we offer OPEN DONOR as well as FUE hair restoration surgeries. For the Open Donor, our specialists combine Single-follicular Units that naturally exist on your scalp with our “N.H.C. Bundles,” a multi-follicular unit graft created specifically for your type of hair loss. This graft combined with the artistry of our cosmetic surgeon results in the best hair transplant customized specifically for you.


For F.U.E., we use one of the best follicular unit extraction techniques recognized worldwide. That in combination with the cosmetic skills of our hair transplant surgeon and the dexterity of our team, results in an outstanding hair transplant just for you.


Whether you have a receding hairline, balding in the crown or any kind of hair loss, Nashville Hair Clinic offers the best solutions for your hair loss concerns. Give us a call at 615-329-3900 to schedule a consultation and one of our hair restoration specialists will help you determine the best solution for your hair loss situation.

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