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What Is an Eyebrow Transplant?

A prominent aspect of your overall appearance, your eyebrows add important definition to your face. Both men and women can have sparse brows or lose them altogether. A genetic condition, thyroid condition, burn, traumatic accidents, and even over-plucking can lead to eyebrow thinning or loss.

Today’s fashion icons have also made thick, dark eyebrows objects of envy. So, if your eyebrows don’t live up to your expectations—regardless of the reason — an eyebrow transplant can give you the eyebrows you want.

An eyebrow transplant is very similar to a regular hair transplant. The surgeon takes hair from the scalp and places hairs individually. The doctor angles them on the brow, following the natural growth direction and pattern. At least 50 to more than 300 strands will be implanted into one eyebrow depending upon the condition of the eyebrows and the desired result.

Because the hair is harvested from the scalp, the hair will grow in longer than natural eyebrow hair. Eyebrow transplant recipients will need to trim their eyebrows regularly, but the color should be an excellent match for your features.

The procedure can take up to two hours and usually requires a mild sedative. As the transplants heal, crust develops around the roots, and the skin becomes a light pink. These side effects are temporary and will go away as soon as the skin heals.

Like most hair transplant surgeries, the transplanted hair will fall out. This hair loss usually happens after a couple of weeks and regrows within a few months. The regrown hair will then behave as normal and should follow the growth cycle permanently.

Find Out More About Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

If you’d like fuller and thicker eyebrows, schedule a free consultation with our staff to find out if an eyebrow transplant would be a good fit for you. We can help you made a decision based on your specific concerns and goals.

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