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Do Hair Extensions Damage Natural Hair?

If your hair is too short for a ponytail or up-do, or you’ve always dreamed of waist-length locks but don’t have the patience to grow it out, extensions can be precisely what you need. Hair extensions come in a variety of applications, lengths, thicknesses, and colors so that you can find the right product to complete your look.

Hair extensions, though, have historically gotten a bad rap, reported to be damaging to your natural hair.

Hair extensions can be perfectly safe for you, though, provided you take these common-sense precautions:

1. Choose carefully how hair extensions are installed.

“If extensions have been properly attached, they will not damage your own hair. It’s like anything else in life, technique is important,” writes Sam Fisher for Fisher suggests finding a reputable, experienced stylist to install the extensions for you, especially those that require hot or cold fusion. A bad DIY installation could go wrong and damage your hair.

Fisher recommends clip-in hair extensions that, literally, clip to existing hair. They do not use any heat, glue, tape, or chemicals and have almost zero chance of damaging your natural hair. Clip-ins are also user-friendly and can be put in at home with success.

2. Temporary hair extensions need to be temporary.

Elle magazine advises, “Temporary methods of adding hair should never be used daily as they are fitted in large pieces in one small area of the head. If they are used occasionally then there will be no long term damage.”

3. Permanent hair extensions should be removed by a professional.

“Permanent hair extensions can be used for an entire lifetime and will never cause damage if the correct products and methods are used and maintenance is followed. However, it's worth noting that they should be re-fitted after they've started to grow out to avoid pulling on your natural hair and damaging it,” according to Elle. “Don't be tempted to remove permanent or semi-permanent hair extensions yourself, always get them removed at the hair salon you had them fitted.”

4. Seek advice from a healthcare professional if you are experiencing alopecia.

While clip-in hair extensions are safe for the majority of people who are looking for fuller, longer hair, they may not be right for everyone. If you are having hair loss or thinning, talk with a healthcare professional before getting hair extensions.

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