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Preparing Yourself Mentally for Your Post Hair Transplant Appearance

You’ve combed through all the information about hair transplanting, and you’ve decided to commit to the procedure. While a thick, beautiful head of hair is definitely in your future, you need to prepare yourself mentally for your post hair transplant appearance.

Patience will be key immediately following your hair transplant and during the months that will follow. It takes time for your transplant to fully establish and grow in. The post hair transplant time period will be a time of recovery and healing so that your hair will eventually become as full, thick, and healthy as you’ve envisioned it to be.

How to Prepare Mentally for Your Post Hair Transplant Appearance

While hair transplant surgery is effective and permanent, it is not an overnight fix, and the results can vary from one patient to the next. There is definitely some transition time as you heal from the surgery, and your appearance may not initially be what you had in mind. Being mentally prepared with a realistic view of your appearance after the surgery will help you during recovery. And don’t worry; a natural, full head of hair will come eventually.

Here’s what to expect after your hair transplant:

  • About two to three weeks after the procedure, you hair will fall out. This shedding is completely normal and is part of the healing process. Rest assured, it will grow back!

  • New hair growth may not look like your former hair. If it’s thin and brittle at first, be patient. It should return to its normal thickness and color.

  • Scarring, scabbing, and swelling are typical, and your hair pattern might be a bit patchy just after surgery. All of these issues should resolve with time.

Because hair grows slowly—only at a rate of about one-half inch per month—it will take some time before your new ’do takes its final shape. After four to five months, you should be able to get a good idea of how the hair transplant will finally look, but it could take as long as 18 months before the hair transplant is fully grown in and visible.

Once your new hairs have fully grown in, you are free to treat your transplanted area just as you would treat any other hair on your head. Shampoo it, style it, cut it, dye it—your hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss!

At the one-year mark after your hair transplant procedure, you should be enjoying a beautiful thick, full head of hair, just as you’d always imagined. There will be no clue that you underwent a hair transplant procedure.

If you’d like to learn more about getting a hair transplant and the type of results you can expect, we’d love to meet with you.

Call Nashville Hair Clinic at 615-994-7130 to book your consultation today!

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