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Falls Biggest Hair Trends

The season is beginning to change and fall is just around the corner! As cooler weather approaches, many individuals will focus on swapping out their wardrobes or changing up their skincare routine. However, we wanted to focus on hair trends. We've searched for some of Fall 2018's biggest looks.

1. A Short Bob

It may seem counter-intuitive to chop your hair shorter in the fall, but style experts see a trend amongst celebrities for shorter hair. Often, the long bob is suggested, but for 2018 the bob is coming off the shoulders. If you want to stay on trend, ask for something that doesn't have a lot of layers and forgo bangs. It's all about keeping it simple and sleek.

2. 90's Hair Accessories

90's accessories are making an impact on fashion in different ways. Most people might notice the smaller, trendy sunglasses or the cropped tops with jeans. But, the trend is creeping its way into the way you style your hair. For those who were young enough in the 90's, they will already remember most of the accessories such as the comb headband or banana claw clips.

3. A Long Braid

Another throw-back to the 90's trend is the slick back braid. It's effortless and will look very fresh. To achieve the look, you can style while the hair is damp. But, be careful. You don't want to damage your strands by combing too much. Using a wide-toothed comb, brush the hair back and then in a low braid. The beautiful part about this trend is it can last you a few days between washes.

4. Smooth Loose Waves

Spiral curls are taking a back seat this fall while loose waves take a step forward. The final look is more undone and to achieve it you'll want to use a large barrel curling iron. The result should have an effortlessness about it and include a lot of movement. You should be able to run your hands through it and let it part naturally. Feel free to tuck it behind your ears or under your favorite fall hat.

5. The Top Knot

The top knot is the up-do for the fall season. It's a traditional hairstyle that you've seen before. What's different this season is the sleekness added to the bun. A messy top-knot is quintessential for most effortless looks, but 2018's top-know includes a little more product. So you don't damage your hair, use oil to help slick the hair back before your twist it up. It will help reduce the pulling of the hair on the scalp, and the oil will act as a moisturizer.

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