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Life after F.U.E. Transplantation Surgery: Nathan’s Story

A hair transplantation procedure is the only permanent option to restore lost volume. As there are a few options available, you may be wondering about what the actual process involves. We asked a recent client to share their experience with others who are considering hair restoration surgery.

We sat down with Nathan, who underwent F.U.E Hair Transplantation surgery at the Nashville Hair Clinic one year ago, and asked him to share his experience. Today, Nathan has a thicker, fuller head of hair and couldn’t be happier with his results. Read on to learn more about his experience.

Why did you decide to undergo hair transplant surgery?

It boiled down to confidence. My hairline started receding around the front as I got older. I know it's common and happens to most men, but I definitely wasn't prepared for it to happen to me. As time went on, I began to research options to see if there was anything I could do to reverse or stop hair loss altogether. There are over the counter medications and a lot of natural options, but I was looking for something permanent to give me a fuller, thicker head of hair. I came across hair transplantation surgery and knew right away this is the answer I needed. There were plenty of transplant surgeons in the Nashville area, but I liked the reviews and before and after results I found on Nashville Hair Clinic's website.

What was your experience like?

It all started with a cold call. I noticed online they offer $250 off your procedure when you book a consultation, so I cold-called. The staff was incredibly friendly. They asked me some questions about my current hair loss, like where and how much. I was informed this preliminary questioning would be passed on to my doctor so we could make the most out of our consultation and they were right! I met with the doctor, and I was impressed by how much he already knew! He even had some suggestions prepared for me, which made the whole experience much more comfortable.

First, he walked me through the hair loss process and then addressed my issues. We talked about procedure plans available to me and then helped me weigh up the pros and cons. There really wasn't any pressure, and he was happy to answer all of my questions. The most insightful part of the consultation was the discussion about the procedure and the recovery. He wanted me to understand that it's a slow and steady race, but the results would be permanent, which exactly what I wanted.

Because I wanted to concentrate on a smaller section in the front, I was recommended Follicular Unite Extraction. Basically, they took individual hairs from one side of my head and moved them to the bald spots. I was told it would help tailor the results, and they were right!

How do you feel with your new hairline?

I'm very pleased! It's been a year now, and I can't believe just how full my hair is, it's incredible! The whole Nashville Hair Clinic staff was incredible throughout the entire procedure, and the doctor was right about everything I should expect. The process was completely painless. He used local anesthesia to numb the area, but there wasn't much else to plan on my part except for the haircut. Before getting the surgery, I was asked to cut my hair shorter, which wasn't an issue. I took the day off work for the procedure, but that's about it. Over the next few days, the area was tender but nothing too uncomfortable. As time went on, I noticed the hairline getting thicker and fuller. I hope anyone who is considering hair transplantation surgery calls Nashville Hair Clinic! They are incredible and deliver amazing results!

Are you ready to see what Nashville Hair Clinic can do for you? Call 615-635-0892 to book your consultation today!

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