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Hair Loss and Your Thyroid

Hair Loss and Your Thyroid

One benefit of being healthy is that your hair is glossy and strong. So, when hair loss occurs, it is not only disappointing, but worrisome. Hair loss could be the symptom of certain diseases, one being thyroid disease. If you suffer from hair loss due to this condition, read below to find out what steps you can take to reverse the damage.

Hair loss and your thyroid:

Hair growth isn't continuous. A normal cycle starts with the growth phase, then rests, before eventually falling out. This process repeats itself unless something interrupts it, such as hormones or extreme stress. Your body works by taking the nutrients you feed it and dispersing them throughout the body. When your health is at its best, these nutrients are distributed everywhere. But the moment you develop an illness, your body focuses on feeding the parts of the body that need repair and are vital to staying alive, such as the liver and heart.

There is a difference between hair loss from disease and hormonal hair loss, such as pattern baldness. Pattern baldness occurs around the front of the hairline or the crown. Hair loss from disease thins out evenly all over the scalp.

How to help hair loss from thyroid disease:

1. Take a multivitamin

As we previously mentioned, when your body is fighting off a disease, its first response is to feed vital organs. Taking a multivitamin helps to maintain healthy levels of nutrients your body needs to function.

2. Increase your iron intake

Increasing your iron intake is a fantastic way to help stimulate and maintain a healthy blood flow. Since the hair follicles are fed by healthy circulation, keeping your iron levels up will ensure your hair is receiving all the proper nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy. Lean red meats, spinach, and lentils are all excellent sources of iron rich foods.

3. Up the protein intake

Not only essential for a healthy body, but protein is also ideal for maintaining hair strength. If you are not consuming enough protein, you will probably notice lots of hair in the drain or on your hairbrush, due to excess breakage. You can maintain healthy levels of protein in your diet by eating more meats, eggs, and dairy products. For vegetarians, look to nuts and seeds.

4. Supplement with biotin

Since biotin can help rejuvenate hair growth, this is an excellent option to add a little ammunition to help keep hair healthy and vigorous. Eggs are a fantastic source for Biotin, but it’s also possible to find it in whole-grains. There are also some amazing over the counter supplements of Biotin for daily use.

5. Keep your scalp hydrated

If your medications are wreaking havoc on the health of your hair, make sure your scalp receives some love. Coconut oil hair masks naturally add moisture. Just use a tablespoon of liquid coconut oil and massage into the scalp and hair. Leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. Because coconut oil is dense, it may take two washes before it's fully removed. Just ensure you are gently shampooing as not to cause any further aggravation.

All of these recommendations are natural approaches to reversing hair loss, but before you embark on a new trajectory, talk to your doctor. You'll want to make sure the thyroid medication and the supplements described won't affect one another.

If you have more questions about hair loss, give us a call at 615-635-0892 to speak to an expert member of staff.

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