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Top Solutions for Natural Hair Restoration

Top Solutions for Natural Hair Restoration

No one likes to lose hair, but shedding 50-100 hairs a day is actually quite common. However, when bald patches, thinning, or a receding hairline materializes, many people worry they are beginning to lose their hair. Thankfully, there are ways to combat it.

In honor of National Hair Loss Awareness Month, we are sharing a few natural solutions to help prevent hair loss.

Hormone Check

Our body's hormones play a huge role in the growth of our hair. When it becomes imbalanced, our locks are one of the first aspects of the body affected. There are a few things that contribute to hormone imbalance like medications, stress, birth control, and nutrition. Quite often, the hormone imbalance is a genetic predisposition to androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness. If it is androgenetic alopecia, there aren't many options besides restoration surgery. That's why having a hormone test helps. This test will let you rule out pattern baldness so you can focus on a treatment plan to get your health back in shape.

Manage Stress

Too much stress in your life is bad for health and wellness. When the body is pumping cortisol (the stress hormone), it sends essential nutrients to vital organs like the liver and heart. Unfortunately, when the body is in fight or flight mode, it doesn't register hair as a critical element for survival. Finding ways to manage stressors in your life will help your body's hormones level back out. Things like meditation, yoga, stretching, and regular exercise is helpful. If exercise is already on your daily agenda, try switching to something lighter on the body. Heavy weights and long distance running will only add to cortisol production.

Supplement with Biotin

Biotin helps cell growth and can add life to weak and damaged hair. Since biotin can help rejuvenate hair growth, this is an excellent option for anyone looking to help repair the damage. Eggs are a fantastic source for Biotin, but it’s also possible to find it in whole-grains. There are also some amazing over the counter oral supplements of Biotin for daily use.

Increase your protein

Not only amazing for a healthy body, but protein is also great for maintaining hair strength. If you are not consuming enough protein, you will probably notice lots of hair in the drain or on your hairbrush, due to excess breakage. You can maintain healthy levels of protein in your diet by eating more meats, eggs, and dairy products. For vegetarians, look to nuts and seeds.

Show your scalp some love

Hair follicles receive necessary blood supply from the scalp. When the scalp is hydrated, hair can grow long and healthy. A dry scalp causes flaky skin and encourages itching which only damages the hair at the root. Coconut oil hair masks naturally add moisture. Just use a tablespoon of liquid coconut oil and massage into the scalp and hair. Leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. Because coconut oil is a bit heavy, it may take two washes before it's fully removed. Just ensure you are gently shampooing as not to cause any further aggravation.

Check your iron intake

Increasing your iron intake is a fantastic way to help stimulate and maintain a healthy blood flow. Since the hair follicles are fed by healthy circulation, keeping your iron levels up will ensure your hair is receiving all the proper nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy. Lean red meats, spinach, and lentils are all excellent sources of iron rich foods.

Changing up your nutritional routine will take time before results appear. It's appropriate to stick to at least 3 weeks of change before assessing results. If after this time you do not see the results you want, call our offices at 615-635-0892 to talk about hair restoration options that will work for you.

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