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6 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

6 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer usually comes with a warning to limit sun exposure and slather on layers of sunscreen to protect the skin. However, no one talks about protecting our hair. So, we've compiled a list of essential preventative tips to maintain a healthy set of locks!

Wear a hat.

The sun’s rays are most intense during the summer months, so give your hair a break by tucking it under a hat. A hat is useful for shielding your hair from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Also, what you want to avoid, especially if you're balding, is dryness. Dry, brittle hair snaps and breaks much easier, and that damage will make your locks look even thinner. But be aware that just slapping on a hat won't provide 100% protection. Just like the delicate skin on your face, you'll need to apply extra protection.

Apply hair products with SPF.

SPF products aren't limited to skincare. There are also many hair care products available to protect your tresses. Our favorite is from Shiseido. It's a one-stop shop for all your SPF needs. Smartly designed to use on the face, body, and hair, this means you'll need to carry one less product in your beach tote.

Additionally, applying sunscreen to your locks means your scalp will get some much needed coverage. The scalp is susceptible to burns and keeping it healthy means you don't have to worry about additional hair loss.

Wet hair before and after swimming.

Our hair is very absorbent which means excessive exposure to chlorine could result in "green" looking hair. Chlorine is also incredibly drying, which again adds to unnecessary breakage. By wetting your hair before you swim, you essentially seal the strands so less chemicals are able to be absorbed. We recommend showering before swimming or keeping a spray bottle in your tote. Immediately after your swim, you'll want to shower with a clarifying shampoo to help remove buildup.

Give your hair a styling break.

We often vocalize the problems of heat damage from styling tools. However, during the summer, your hair is exposed to high temperatures daily, so we recommend cutting back on styling when you can. Because of the heat, air-drying shouldn't take as long. If styling is a must, it's important to use a heat protecting spray.

Loosen up your hair style.

For those with longer hair, try to avoid tight ponytails or hairdos that could yank on the scalp. These types of hairstyles add unnecessary tension on the hair shaft and if your hair is suffering from dryness, this will lead to a lot of damage. A loose braid works well because it keeps frizz under control without pulling on your locks.

Forget the brush.

Use a wide tooth comb when detangling your hair. These combs are gentle on releasing knots and won't snag strands. Never run anything through your hair while it's wet. When the hair shafts are full of liquid, they are the most fragile and need extreme care. Chlorine and salt water easily tangle thin, fine hair but using a wide tooth comb help keep it in tip-top shape.

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