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What Hair Restoration Really Looks Like

What Hair Restoration Really Looks Like

When it comes to youth and health, usually we don't fully appreciate it until it's gone. For many individuals with thinning hair, this couldn’t ring truer. Thankfully, there are many excellent surgical options available to give you back your youthful, full head of hair. If you are thinking of undergoing surgery, it’s best to have all the information possible so you can make the best decision. Read on as we take a closer look at what you can expect from your hair restoration procedure.


All surgeries should start with a consultation. This initial meeting is your opportunity to share every concern and fear you may have. It also allows your doctor to assess your current situation. This meeting is all about you, so research carefully and come with questions. Your doctor should take the time to answer each of them, so you are able to make an educated decision. As there are now several options available, be sure to come with an open mind. Sometimes there will be multiples options and your doctor will help you decide which one is best for you.

Scheduling Your Procedure

Each hair loss surgery has its own specific scheduled time of operation. Your doctor will discuss procedural length with you at the time of your consultation. On average, most treatments take a full day to complete, but they still vary depending on the area of work or the procedure itself. Pre-operation prep time is just as important. When you and your doctor decide on the best treatment plan, make sure you also discuss what you need to do beforehand. Some surgeries might require you to stop taking certain medications or you may even need adjust your diet. Your doctor will discuss what is required with you.

Follow-up Visits

Just because surgery is over, it does not mean the work is finished. The recovery process is crucial for excellent results. Because the transplant takes the time to settle in and grow, it is important to follow the guidelines your doctor set for you. Most doctors will require monthly visits following the surgery. These follow-up meetings will ensure the procedure went well and allow your doctor to discuss any concerns you may have. At this time, your doctor will also discuss the option of resuming medications, activities, or diets that you altered before surgery.

One year later

Good things come to those who wait, and the results from transplantation surgery are worth waiting for! The first few months you will experience a tender scalp, so usually, over the counter medications for pain relief are recommended. It's not uncommon for the transplanted hairs to fall out before they grow back, which means it can take up to 6 months before you notice dramatic changes. During this first year, you'll want to treat your growing follicles with care. Limiting styling, cutting, and dyeing will help ensure that the hairs grow back healthy. Be aware that it's not uncommon to need a second procedure, if the patient has more advanced hair loss. However, the need for multiple procedures will be discussed in the initial consultation.

Our expert members of staff have spent years working with men and women to help them regain a healthy head of hair. If you are ready to see what transplantation surgery can do for you, give our office a call at 615-635-0892. Schedule a consultation today and received $250 off your procedure. Don't wait any longer for the hair of your dreams and contact us today!

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