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Follicular Unit Extraction

Today there are many options available to those suffering from receding hairlines. Many topical treatments provide excellent results for those whose hairlines are thinning and balding. Unfortunately, these treatments require a lot of time and commitment and don’t always produce desired results. Hair transplantation surgery is the only permanent solution available to regain a natural healthy head of hair. There are two options available, but only one allows for absolute precision. Read on to learn more about Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and how it works.

What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is a technique of extracting hairs from donor areas to restore hair in balding spots. This method uses a small, round punch to move small follicular units from one space to another. This particular process is fantastic because it is precise and allows the doctor more control over the results.

The Process:

The process is relatively tedious and time-consuming. Some doctors may only be able to do part of the process in a day’s work. It’s not uncommon to have to book more than one visit to get the results you want. However, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

The process begins by cutting the hair in the donor area short so the doctor can easily see the scalp. Then begins the course of excising individual follicular unit grafts one at a time. A punch, less than a millimeter in size, is used for this step so there is no scarring.

The punch itself is relatively dull because it needs to protect the hair while being separated from the surrounding soft tissue. This step is known as “blunt dissection”. Once the underlying follicular unit is removed from the surrounding tissues, the FUE hair transplant is extracted, with forceps.

The Recovery:

There is some swelling to the scalp during this process and healing can take some time. It’s not uncommon in any hair transplantation surgery to experience mild shedding. This is all part of the healing process and the hairs do grow back.

It should be noted there is usually a small wound is left behind. The good news is the scars are normally not detectable to the naked eye once the hair grows back. Overall, patients find the process a positive change.

Ideal Candidate:

FUE procedures are suited for patients who want flexibility with their hair style. Since the process doesn’t leave linear scars, there are more styling options available. It is also beneficial for hair restoration patients who must resume strenuous activities soon after this procedure, such as athletes. You’ll also want to make sure your hairline is in prime position. Meaning, you don’t want to get it too soon at the chance that you’ve not lost everything you’re going to.

Dr. Marvel and his team are highly trained in the most advanced hair restoration procedures and have helped thousands of individuals regain confidence. To learn more and find out if hair restoration is right for you, give us a call at 615-329-3900 or fill out this form to book your consultation today!

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