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Los tratamientos para la caída de cabello pueden ser clínicos o quirúrgicos.

P.R.P. (Platelet Rich Plasma)

For several years, many famous athletes have received PRP for various health problems allowing them to return quickly to competition.

A few year ago, P.R.P. Therapy has been applied for hair loss treatment as well. At Nashville Hair Clinic, we offer this type of therapy. If you are a candidate, one of our specialists in hair restoration will guide you step by step during the PRP treatment process.

The treatment consists of a series of 3 applications which will be performed in our clinic. The procedure is simple, convenient and with no down time. You just need 20 to 30 minutes in our clinic once every month.

Laser Therapy

The low Laser Therapy is use to energize hair follicles on your scalp. The Phototherapy is cleared by the FDA and recommended by renown hair doctors. In our clinic, we analyze this option and recommend to you the best devices from which you can have the most beneficial result.


There are several medications that are used to treat hair loss. After a careful analysis of your hair loss situation; we will recommend the best medical treatment available for your specific type of hair loss. Medication such as Finasteride, Dutasteride, Minoxidil, Spironolactone, etc. have some benefits as well as side effects.

During your consultation, we’ll cover the best medical treatment options for you.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

This is another type of therapy we offer at Nashville Hair Clinic. This is a non-surgical treatment for certain kinds of patients who want a short hair style. The technique is based on a small dot of pigment that matches your hair color which will be deposited on your epidermis, simulating hair. The effect is so realistic that it is nearly impossible to distinguish what is hair from the pigment.

This type of therapy is excellent for people with limited donor hair and to treat scars. We highly recommend it for scar revision after multiple open donor hair transplants.

During your consultation, we’ll cover the best medical treatment options for you.

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