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4 Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

Hair loss is an issue that affects both men and women. There are a number of reasons why hair loss takes place, but the most common reason is androgenetic alopecia. This condition is inherited and passed along at birth. While there is no way to prevent this type of hair loss, there are methods available to help those who suffer. Low-level laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment plan for those who want to not only restore lost volume, but prevent further hair loss.

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Low-level therapy utilizes a compressed light from a cold wavelength. It differs from natural light because it is just one color, which travels in a straight line and is concentrated. All of these properties allow for the laser to penetrate deeply into the dermis and stimulate blood flow without heat. The results are quite impressive.

  • Lasers increase blood flow by 54%

  • Prevents hair loss progression in 85% of patients

  • Promotes thicker, stronger hair

  • Increases hair strength

  • Improves elasticity

The Benefits of Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Non-Invasive Treatment with No Side Effects

This procedure was designed to help those who were suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy and alopecia. As a result, the treatment needed to be effective in restoring lost hair without causing damage to the dermis. The inventor, Professor Andre Mester, experimented with low-power energy and found that not only did it improve hair loss, but helped the healing process.

Stops Progression of Hair Loss

Low-level laser therapy is designed to help regrow hair in both males and females suffering from pattern baldness. The benefits of the laser are two-fold. First, you have the laser stimulating growth and allowing new follicles to appear on the scalp. Secondly, there is the added benefit of preserving current strands from falling out. It can work all over, which means you can target the front and back to ensure you have a healthy head of hair.

Improves the Strength of Hair

The soft, low-level light administered during the process stimulates the blood vessels in the scalp and improves its condition. A healthy scalp encourages strong and healthy hair. Dandruff (and other scalp conditions that lead to damage and breakage) is also treated with the use of the laser therapy treatment. Each patient noted that their hair feels fuller, thicker and stronger after each session.

Can be Used with Other Hair Loss Treatments

The gentleness of the therapy means you can couple it with other hair transplantation procedures. Hair restoration surgery is another option to regain hair fullness. Couple transplantation surgery with laser therapy and you can improve the thickness as well as speed up the healing. In short, those who combined these procedures see and feel the effects of the hair transplantation surgery at a much faster rate.

Who's a Good Candidate for Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy for hair loss works well on both males and females. Because of the non-invasiveness of the treatment and its ability to help promote healing, you can use it at any stage of hair loss. However, it is recommended that patients wait until they’ve experienced thinning hair for at least 12 months to two years.

Laser therapy is part of a treatment plan and therefore requires your doctor to have a good understanding of how you are currently losing or will lose hair. While it is preventative, your doctor will need to understand the pace at which your hair loss will occur and whether or not you might benefit from additional procedures.

For more information about laser therapy, contact Nashville Hair Clinic. For a limited time, we are offering $250 off your procedure when you book a consultation. Call us today at 615-635-0892 to learn more.

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